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Title:Stone Coated Metal Roof Tile



Stone Coated Metal Roof Tile / steel roofing shingle

KRS Stone Coated Metal Roof Tile / steel roofing tile is made from a corrosion resistant metal and coated with stone chips that are attached to the steel with an acrylic adhesive layer. Their goal has been for a more durable roof that still retains the aesthetic advantages of a more traditional roofing material such as clay tile or wood shakes.

Stone chip coated metal tiles typically are attached with the use of corrosion resistant screws after they have interlocked with all the adjoining tiles they abut and overlap. Foot traffic should be held to a minimum so as not to wear away the protective stone surfaces or dislodge the interlocking laps that allow them to withstand the effects of storms.

Another reason why these steel shingles are coated with stone is so that they are not loud during rain storms. This coating also directly protects the steels from suffering from wear and tear. If you live in an area that is no stranger to heavy thunderstorms, you should definitely look into replacing your existing roof with this special kind of shingle.

Stone coated metal roof tile steel roofing tile offer an endless assortment of colors, shades and patterned textures to replicate the other type roofing materials. They, like all the metal roof products, are extremely light in weight so they can be applied on any roof surface, and can match the look of more expensive and less durable shingles such as wooden shake shingles.

Stone coated metal roof tiles have been tested for high wind resistance and perform very well. Their weathering characteristics exceed the more typical roofing types but as with all roofs, a roof surface clean from debris and abrasive events leads to a long life of service.

The idea behind this type of special shingle is to have a roof that will last you a very long time. Because these shingles are stone coated and made of steel, they are very resistant to bad weather, heavy rains, wind damage, and any other type of damage that traditional roofing tiles are vulnerable to.

The reason people would rather have KRS stone coated steel roofing tile is because they last longer than cedar shingles and roofing slate, and they cost much less. Why spend more on a product that will not last as long when you have this product as an alternative.


Features and advantages of stone coated metal roof tile

*Manufactured by corrosion-resistant aluminum zinc alloy steel, plus the special surface filled by natural color stone and acrylic resin, treated by high temperature and unique technique process

*Lighter, stronger and more beautiful and lasts much longer than the common tiles

*Easy to install: easy to bent, cut and install, no special technique needed

*Beautiful appearance: natural stone with various colors and shapes, makes an excellent decorative and stereoscopic landscape

*Long life time: The life time warranty is 30 years.

*Light weight: weigh only 1/5 than the clay tile or cement tile of the similar size, load-bearing of the building then can be reduced significantly

*Energy-saving and environment-friendly: the heat reflective rate is 1.4 to 7 times more than common roof tile, no harmful material generated during the installation and be recycled.


Specifications of stone coated metal roof tile steel roofing tile

Full size: 1340*420mm (2.1pcs/ m²)

Effective size: 1290*370mm

Thickness: 0.35mm, 0.4mm, 0.45mm

Container loading quantity: 8000pcs /20GP, 500pcs per pallet